Commercial Moving And Storage Options: When The New Office Isn't Quite Ready Yet

Even when contractors strive to finish new office construction on time, circumstances out of their control might cause delays. If you already have a commercial moving service scheduled, but your contractor says it might be another week before the building is ready and passes inspection, you may find yourself in quite a pickle. This is especially true if you have already committed to vacating your current office building. Here are some available options that might help you stay out of trouble with the current proprietor while you wait for your new building to be ready.

Tips For Safely Storing Your Classic Car In A Self-Storage Unit

Placing your classic car into a self-storage unit for the rainy season is a great way to protect it from weather damage. However, there are some things that you must do to ensure that your classic car is safe and secure while it sits in your storage unit all winter. These tips will guarantee that your collectible vehicle is protected all winter and comes out of your storage unit in the spring looking and working wonderfully:

3 Things To Consider When Looking At Cabinets For Your Business

As a business owner, you want to make sure you have a way to store your important documents safely away. The last thing you want is for your documents to get lost in the shuffle because you didn’t have a place to put them all. While you might think all storage cabinets are the same, they are quite different. If you are looking for new storage cabinets, you want to make sure you get what you need.

5 Tips For Making A Long Distance Move

If you’re faced with making a long distance move, you may be anxious about it. There are numerous challenges that can come up when making a move of any type. The key to getting to your new location with the least amount of difficulty is preparing in advance. By knowing specific tips to assist you with this move, you’re sure to have an easier time relocating. Tip #1: Get an estimate

Storage Solutions For Young Adults On The Move

If you are a young adult, this can be a transitional time for many areas of your life. If you find you are moving around quite a bit or don’t have space for all of your things, a storage unit might be just what you need to help. Here are four reasons a storage unit can help those who aren’t settled down just yet. 1. Hold on to Items for the Future

Ways to Save on Storage Units for Students

Are you getting ready to go off to college? If you are, and your parents don’t want you to keep your items around the house because they plan on converting your old room into an office, then you may be forced to bring your items along with you. However, if you’re staying in a college dorm, the last thing you’ll have in your housing is additional space for you to store all of your items.

Preparing Your Baby Grand Piano For A Move

If you are moving to a new home, and you have a baby grand piano you want going with you, it needs to be prepared properly for transport. There are several precautionary steps you can take to help protect a baby grand from damage when being moved to a new destination. Here are some tips to use to make sure your baby grand arrives to the new home in the same condition it leaves the old home.

Moving In A Hurry? Tips And Ideas For You

Moving from one home to another is never the easiest of tasks. However, the majority of the time, you will be able to plan ahead, take your time, and set your own timeline for moving. When you have to move in a hurry, you may find yourself rushed, confused, and unsure of how to proceed with your moving procedures. In order to ensure that your move is successful no matter how little time you have to prepare, get to know a few tricks and tips that will help you out immensely.

Three Tips To Help With Your Container System Move

Moving long distances used to be a logistical nightmare if you didn’t have a permanent address in your new location yet. Fortunately, there are now portable containers available that make this situation go much more smoothly. You simply load up the containers, your movers take them to your new city, and then they store them until you find your new home. The following tips can help you make the most of these containers.

3 Tips For Setting Up A Fish Aquarium After It's Been In Storage

Fortunately, most fish aquariums hold up pretty well in storage, especially if you break them down properly before storing them and keep them in a heated unit. In order to come out of storage unscathed, glass aquariums should only be stored after they are completely dry. They should also be stored empty - placing things inside the aquarium can apply pressure to the seams of the aquarium - and wrapped up so they won’t get broken.

3 Tips You Need To Know Before You Move

Moving can feel like quite the daunting task. However, it’s something that many people have to do several times throughout their lives. If you’re moving soon, take a deep breath and just power through it! Yes, it’s stressful to find and hire the right movers, to pack, and to just generally get prepared for a move, but it will go by quickly! You can also help it to go smoothly by following a few simple but genius moving tips.

How To Select A Storage Space

There are many reasons that you might require a storage unit. Maybe you’re temporarily relocating and don’t want to bring or don’t have room for all of your belongings. Or maybe you’ve just outgrown your current dwelling and need a place to store your things until you can either de-clutter or find somewhere more spacious. Whatever the case may be, if you’re going to be renting a storage unit, you want to make sure you choose the right one, which takes a little consideration and forethought.