Preparing Your Baby Grand Piano For A Move

If you are moving to a new home, and you have a baby grand piano you want going with you, it needs to be prepared properly for transport. There are several precautionary steps you can take to help protect a baby grand from damage when being moved to a new destination. Here are some tips to use to make sure your baby grand arrives to the new home in the same condition it leaves the old home.

Take Some Measurements

Before you call to have a piano moved, it is best to determine the path you intend to have the movers use to move the piano out of the home. Take measurements of each doorway available to decide which route has the most clearance. If there are a few options in removal, pick the one with less distance to the exterior of your home to help avoid the risk of damage while the piano is being moved. If steps are involved, make sure they are structurally sound to handle the weight of the piano. If not, a professional piano moving service would need to be contacted to remove the piano through a window or by using protective ramps over deteriorating steps.

Clear The Area

Once you determine the path being used to move the piano from your home, you will need to completely clear it from any obstructions. Remove all furniture from the area completely as you will most likely have several movers in this area to move the piano. Take area rugs out of the area so no one slips while moving the piano.

Remove The Leg

A moving service will most likely use a wheeled skid to remove the piano from your home. Have several friends come to your home beforehand to help you lift the piano so you can remove the leg nearest the bass corner. Have your friends tilt the piano back so you can unscrew the leg so the piano has stability on the skid when the movers arrive. Wrap this leg in blankets or padding and use rope or twine to secure it in place so the leg is well protected.

Secure The Parts

Remove the lid, pedals, and music rack from your piano. These should also be wrapped in blankets or padding to keep them protected. Wrap the hinges individually in bubble wrap so they do not scrape other items. Place all hardware inside clear plastic bags and label appropriately so you have them on hand when the piano arrives at your new home.

Protect The Body

If you have a moving company coming to move your piano, you will not be able to finish protecting the body of the piano until after it is placed on the skid. The movers will redirect the piano over their skid and remove the remaining legs. At this time you can wrap these legs appropriately. 

The remainder of the piano body will then need to be wrapped in protective padding. This is usually provided by the moving service. They will wrap the piano and cover it in a plastic stretch wrap before securing it to the skid with straps. Call the service in advance to make sure they provide these materials. If not, visit an equipment supply store to obtain them so they are ready to use when the moving service arrives.

Contact local moving companies to learn more.