Tips For Safely Storing Your Classic Car In A Self-Storage Unit

Placing your classic car into a self-storage unit for the rainy season is a great way to protect it from weather damage. However, there are some things that you must do to ensure that your classic car is safe and secure while it sits in your storage unit all winter.

These tips will guarantee that your collectible vehicle is protected all winter and comes out of your storage unit in the spring looking and working wonderfully:

Wash, Wax, and Store Your Classic Car Before the First Freeze

As soon as the first freeze, your local road department will start to apply chemicals and salt to keep the roadway safe for drivers. For this reason, you should always place your car into storage before it will be subjected to salt or chemicals on its way to your storage unit.

Also, you should wash and wax your classic car before you place it into your storage unit. Washing and waxing will add a layer of protection against any damage to the paint job in case something bumps against your car's cover.

Cover Your Classic Car Completely

In addition to covering the topside of your classic vehicle with a high-quality fabric car cover, you also need to cover the underside of the car as well. As the car sits on the concrete floor of its storage unit, the concrete can cause some humidity that can damage the underside of your car. You can prevent this damage by parking your classic car on a sheet of plastic, a piece of old carpet, or on a sheet of plywood.

Protect Your Classic Car from Theft

While storage unit theft is fairly rare, it is always a good idea to take the extra steps of installing tire locks and a steering wheel lock to your classic car. Both of these inexpensive items will prevent anyone who is able to breach the lock on your storage unit from moving your classic vehicle.

Add Additional Protection with a Temperature and Humidity Controlled Storage Unit

If you live in an area of the country with high humidity or extremely cold winters, then it is always a good idea to rent a storage unit that is both temperature and humidity controlled. These controls will keep your car at a steady temperature and humidity level that will help keep your car's delicate wood veneers from cracking as they heat and cool or become moist.

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