Three Tips To Help With Your Container System Move

Moving long distances used to be a logistical nightmare if you didn't have a permanent address in your new location yet. Fortunately, there are now portable containers available that make this situation go much more smoothly. You simply load up the containers, your movers take them to your new city, and then they store them until you find your new home. The following tips can help you make the most of these containers.

Tip #1: Plan for a Long Wait

While you may find a new place right away, it may also take longer than you hoped. This means you may need to access some items in your container before you are ready to unload it. When packing your pod, place any items that you think you may need within six weeks near the front. For example, if you are moving at the end of summer, you may want to place a box with fall or light winter clothing near the entrance to the container. This way you can quickly grab what you need if you must retrieve items while your container is still in storage.

Tip #2: Hire Help

While one of the draws of a packing container is that you can load it and unload at your own pace while having a moving company handle the hauling, it can still be a lot of work to tackle on your own. A better option, especially if you are itching to get into your new home, is to higher an independent team of movers to help you unload the container quickly. This means that you want to make sure all boxes are labeled well so your hired help can easily take everything into the right room of your new place. Also, keep in mind that you may only be able to have a container parked on the property for a limited time due to homeowner organization or property management rules. Having help to load or unload can ensure you remain within these rules.

Tip #3: Arrange for Tie-Downs

Moving containers are generally treated relatively gently to avoid damage to your contents, but some shifting will occur during transport. This is why the containers have plenty of tie-down bars inside. While ratchet straps are the best option in tie-downs since you can tighten them well and they can withstand a lot of force, you can also use plain nylon rope. Criss-cross the rope between each set of tie-down bars or loops inside the container to create a woven wall. Your belongings won't shift much at all when they are held in place this way.

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