Commercial Moving And Storage Options: When The New Office Isn't Quite Ready Yet

Even when contractors strive to finish new office construction on time, circumstances out of their control might cause delays. If you already have a commercial moving service scheduled, but your contractor says it might be another week before the building is ready and passes inspection, you may find yourself in quite a pickle. This is especially true if you have already committed to vacating your current office building. Here are some available options that might help you stay out of trouble with the current proprietor while you wait for your new building to be ready.

Delaying Inventory, Supply and Equipment Deliveries

If your business deals with large quantities of products, see if you can delay the delivery of those products to your current office/retail space. This may also work well for large shipments of office supplies such as desks, cubicle walls and computers. If the warehouse that was going to forward them to your new commercial space can store your items/inventory another week, do that. It may save you some money since you will not have to find another location to store everything temporarily. If the warehouse will charge you to delay your supplies and inventory, look into commercial storage.

Using Commercial Moving Storage

This is an additional service offered by many commercial movers. The companies that offer it have several large storage facilities just for storing customers' belongings. If your mover offers this service, then check with them to see if they have enough space to house all of your office equipment, supplies and inventory (if applicable) until your new building is finally ready. You may have to pay for an entire month, but that could be advantageous as it may give you and your employees more room to move and unpack. If you have any questions about how moving storage works, contact an experienced company like Father & Son Moving & Storage.

Using Onsite Shipping and Storage Containers

Another option is using onsite shipping and storage containers. Commercial movers that offer this option allow you to fill shipping and freight containers, which are then delivered to the site of your new building. They are deposited on the property, where all of your items are safely stored under lock and key until the building is ready. Then you and your employees can unlock these units, unpack and move everything indoors as slowly or as quickly as you need to. The moving company picks up the empty containers when you are done. Make sure you clear the use of onsite containers with the contractor for your new building first.