How to Keep Your Ski Gear Safe While It's in Storage This Summer

During the summer months, you are not really going to need to use your ski gear. Open up some room in your house by preparing and putting your ski gear into storage this summer. Here are a few things that you need to do to ensure that your ski gear makes it through the summer months in storage unharmed.

Fix Any Damage on the Top Sheet

The first thing you need to do is take out your skis and check the top sheets and make sure that they are not damaged. If the top sheets are worn away and you can see the underlying material, you are going to want to address this before putting your skis into storage.

To fix any top-sheet damage, apply urethane glue into the cracks and allow the glue to dry and harden. You'll want to overfill the cracks; once the glue is dried, you can go back and sand it down so that the surface is smooth.

Replace Any Damage to the Base

Second, check to see if there is any damage to the base of your skis. If you notice any cracks or gouges, you can use P-Tex to fill them in and sandpaper to smooth the surface out. It is best to fix this damage before you store your skis so that the damage does not spread while they are in storage.

Clean Your Skis

Once you have fixed any damage to your skis, you are going to want to clean them. It is always a good idea to clean anything that you plan on putting into a storage unit; in general, cleaning items before storing them will prolong their life.

Wipe down the skis and remove any dirt from them. Scrape off any dirt that has become stuck to your skis. Then, apply wax to your skis. Since your skis will be sitting all summer inactive, you can add a little more wax than you would in the winter before you actually go skiing. A thick layer of wax will help protect your skis while they are in storage.

Rent a Climate-Controlled Unit

Next, if you don't already have a storage unit, you are going to need to rent one. Ideally, you should rent a climate-controlled unit for your skiing equipment and other storage needs. You don't want to subject your skis to extreme temperature changes; that could damage the material that your skis are made out of. A nice, consistent environment like the one provided in a climate-controlled unit is ideal for your skis.

Reduce Stress on Your Skis While They Are in Storage

The best way to store your skis is to hang them up horizontally. See if you can install hooks in your storage unit. You will wants hooks to support both ends of your skis and the middle of your skis. You don't want to put a lot of pressure on your skis; the hooks should be able to completely support them. Do not lean your skis up against other boxes or store them vertically; doing so could damage your skis.