Helping A Parent Move Out Of Their Home And Into An Assisted Living Facility

If your aging parent is getting to the point in their life of seeking out alternative living options, an assisted living center might meet all of their needs. The transition to this next stage in your parent's life can be an emotional one. It is important that you handle their move with care and dignity. Here are four tips to help moving a parent out of their home and into an assisted living community.

1. Don't Make This a Surprise Attack

Start getting your parent used to the idea of moving out and into an assisted living environment. Many times parents will be hurt or stubborn about the process, but give them some time to come to grips with their situations. Don't just bombard your parent with movers and surprise them with the transition. Even if your parent is looking forward to moving, they should at least know when it's happening and have time to mentally prepare.

2. Help With Packing and Downsizing

Don't expect your parent to get on board and to be able to handle packing up their home on their own. The more support and guidance you can provide, the easier the process will be. Be sure to bring in measurements and the layout of their new space so that they understand that downsizing will be a part of moving. Help them pack up their needed belongings, but let them take the time they need to be sentimental about leaving their home.

3. Arrange Storage Options to Reduce Stress

Your parent might not be able to fully let go of certain furnishings or would like to ensure that specific items are given to family members. It might be worth it keep the moving process going by agreeing to store items for now. Have movers take these items to a storage facility on move day so that your parent can feel secure in knowing these items aren't lost for good.

4. Be There When the Movers Come

Your parent might need your help every step of the way when it comes to moving. Even if everything is packed, labeled, and you've found capable movers for the task, you should still be present during this process. Your parent might become confused or emotional, so don't leave them alone either on the packing up or unpacking stage of moving. Enlist another family member to help if needed.

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